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Complimentary Virtual Workshops for Grantmaking Organizations

Now, more than ever, managing your grant processes is of the utmost importance. Whether you are still trying to navigate working remotely, you have accelerated your grant making activities, or you are looking to automate and streamline your processes - we can help.

Based on what we have seen and heard from organizations just like yours, we have put together a set of complementary virtual workshops. The best part...there is no set date and time for these workshops. Each one-hour session will be presented to you and your team only, so you can choose a day and time that works best for your schedule. Available workshops include:

Creating an Efficient Grant Process through Automation

Do you find your grantmaking process riddled with inefficiencies? How many hours spent and dollars wasted? Most grant applications pass through the hands of a number of stakeholders, so the need for a streamlined process is paramount. Knowing how to best leverage your grantmaking software to automate stages in your granting process can significantly reduce administrative waste and keep your team nimble.

In this session, we'll share tips on how to best use your grantmaking software to:

  • Identify areas in your grantmaking process that can be automated
  • Build effective workflows to manage hand-offs between grantee, grant manager, reviewers, and approvers
  • Take advantage of tools like dashboards, reports, and notifications to monitor efficiency across your entire grantmaking lifecycle

Simplifying the Applicant Registration Process

Whether your grantmaking organization has open calls or invitation-only solicitations, the registration process may be putting you and your applicants through unnecessary hurdles. You can end up with a large amount of duplicate or excess data that can eventually slow down your grants management system’s performance – not to mention the number of hours wasted on processing all that data to find eligible candidates.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss factors that can create efficiencies in your grantee registration process and offer tips on how to address them, including:

  • Virtually managing all your grantmaking and associated data in a single system
  • Best ways to organize grant records, reports, documentation, emails, phone calls, and other information in one place
  • How you can streamline management, administration and improve decision making at your grantmaking organization with the right technology

How To Streamline Your Implementation With User Stories

User stories are a common project methodology used by IT consultants. Written from the perspective of specific software users - such as your grantees, reviewers, and board members - user stories provide an efficient way to understand the full scope of any project.

In this session, we’ll teach you what user stories are and how you can effectively use them to:

  • Identify requirements from all your stakeholders while driving shared values and transparency
  • Efficiently define the expectations, complexity, and deliverables you can expect from your project
  • Provide a comprehensive framework for the entire implementation process from requirements, design, build, testing, and training

Effectively Managing Panel Reviews

Panel reviews are the dividing line between finding successful, qualified applications and less impactful ones. Yet it’s one of the biggest administrative burdens to manage. Not only do you have scheduling headaches, but getting the right person to review the right applications takes time and energy. But with the right technology, you can now manage the panel review process more efficiently than ever, while ensuring each application gets the expertise it deserves.

In this session, we'll show you how an effective Panel Management tool can simplify the process of:

  • Assigning reviewers through matching their skills and availability
  • Setting up panel reviews for more seamless online collabroation
  • Capturing feedback at both the panel and grant level

Beyond Paperwork: Managing Your Grants From A Programmatic Perspective

Many grantmaking software vendors take the simplistic view that your grants process can be managed by a series of forms and reports. But we all know it’s a bit more complicated than that, right? The ability to measure and assess your data to inform your program workflows is imperative when developing big picture strategies for impactful funding.

In this workshop, we'll address how you can manage your grants at a programmatic level by:

  • Defining the expected outcomes and measures for your social initiatives, as well as the policies, practices, and procedures for your grant program
  • Managing the availability of funds for grants as they are awarded and provide warning message as budgets are close to exhaustion
  • Using efficient technology to track and report data to reduce administrative time, so you can focus on programmatic strategies