IN Solutions

IN delivers solutions that are cloud-based and mobile. Our partnership with IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables us to deliver scalable cloud-based services and software implementations using varying workload degrees. IN provides the following cloud based Software-as-a-Service solutions:

  • Cloud based IN developed software life cycle tools for disciplined and collaborative software strategy, implementation and life cycle management. Based on IBM Rational®, our software development tools ensure visualization, modeling, architecture planning, requirements traceability, and software portfolio management.
  • IN Agile-as-a-Service: IN developed methods and tools that help your organization become more agile. IN Agile-as-a-Service leverages IN’s partnership with IBM and is based on the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Suite (CLM) and IBM Rational Doors Next Generation for targeted, scalable, collaborative, quality-based software lifecycle management.

Our clients benefit from the following key functionality:

money-2 Reduced development cost accelerated time to market Accelerated time to market
lower cost to quality Lower cost to quality Secure access to the data that matters Secure access to the data that matters
People (1) Automated collaboration across teams accelerated time to market Faster response to market changes
Automated reporting Automated reporting and dashboards for real-time insight compliance with industry requirements Compliance with industry specific requirements
Arrows (1) Continuous validation